App Store Intelligence API
for iOS and Android

Direct access to more than 3 million apps from Apple App Store
 and Google Play Store in 70+ countries via RESTful API.

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Who can benefit from our API?

One API, tons of data, many business opportunities


Use our API to build a new tool or an add-on software. Integrate more than 3 million apps data to an existing platform.

App Marketer

Measure app marketing efforts and campaign results with our worldwide Rankings History. Evaluate the performance of app marketing strategies and increase their efficiency.

App Market Analyst

Explore and analyze Top Charts in 70+ countries. Examine app stores trends and conduct market research to identify new market opportunities. Easily integrate our data in any business intelligence software.

Access to App Store Data Made Simple

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use

International Coverage Metadata

Our API provides app metadata in 70+ countries and 20 languages.

Top Charts

Get access to Top 1500 apps on Apple App Store and Top 500 apps on Google Play Store for each store category in 70+ countries.

App Metadata

Fetch any up-to-date app details (app name, description, icon, video, screenshots, publisher) in 70+ countries.

Reviews and Ratings

Gather all reviews and ratings for any app. Get their average and detailed spread.


Match any search query with app store results. Get all search ranking results for any keyword.

Rankings History 

Go back in time and get historical ranking data for any app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Access to App Store Optimization Metrics Made Simple

Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use

Keywords Stats

We provide keyword volume, competition and KEI (Keyword Efficency Index) in 20 languages.

Keywords Rankings

Watch your progress ! Get daily historical rankings for the last 90 days on your keywords.

Top Keywords

Discover the best keywords for each app: find all the keyword that rank your app in the top 100 results.

Suggested Keywords

We analyze titles, descriptions, reviews and keyword rankings to provide the most relevant keywords for each app.

Suggested Competitors

Your app is not the only one in the App Stores : quickly discover the most important competitors !

Category and Trending Keywords

It's not a secret that most downloads come from a tiny subset of important keywords : discover the most popular keywords per category and follow the trending searches.

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In-Depth API Features




International Coverage
70 countries
United States, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore,...
English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
App Metadata
App Title, Description, Price, Publisher Name, Size, Categories List
Additional Information
Game Center, PassBook, Devices List Permissions
App icon, screenshots per device, videos per device
Global Top Charts
Top 1500 Top 500
Categories Top Charts
Top 1500 Top 500
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30 Days Rankings History
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Reviews and Ratings
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App Top Keywords
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Suggested Keywords
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Suggested Competitors
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App Keywords Rankings
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Keywords Stats
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Trending Keywords

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